Function Test..
Keyboard Fatigue..
IC Test Socket
MODEL FTE-8401 Function Test Device


High speed measure with accuracy

Providing voltage and current measure with high accuracy;
Multi-Channel Sampling in the same time, ensure the
  sampling is accuracy;
Supporting Exception protection;
Easily maintenance and operation;


Electric Parameters measure;
Comparison between difference waves
Identifying the type of pulse and get the information
  about the pulse;
Writing the EEPROM;


Supporting Serial communication;
Supporting LAN communication;

Remote Control

Remote Control and manage based on the Web;
Test data storage and query and other manage operation;

Platform description

The program runs on Window, has friendly GUI with users;
It can be used to verify all kinds of PCB;
User can define the test process and the items easily;
Providing the debug function for the administrator to
  set the test items;
Reflecting the test process and the results of the test
  on the screen immediately;
Recording the test result automatically and give the   statistic of the test;
Having the Access to protect the setting;
Having the function to display the time cost for
  every product;
Upload the test result to database server automatically;
Providing the function to analyze the quality of the test   products through the Web Page;
Create the definable report automatically;
It is based on the Multi-Thread, has a very good   performance;
Supporting the Mult-Langguage;
It is stability platform, so far, it has been implement
  many projects and works fine;

Note: The above introduce is about the standard function; this hard device and the software can be developed according to the user’s requirement, if you have the extra requirement, please contact the technically department;


Produces special-purpose

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